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Behind the Switch is an informational podcast that provides clear answers to complex questions about energy and the environment.


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The intersection of climate and energy is huge. It’s remarkable the ways in which different aspects of our lives connect to and impact the environment, and how our energy decisions influence the future of just about everything. 

Behind the Switch is an informational podcast geared towards taking these often complex subjects and making them accessible (and enjoyable) to learn more about. From breaking down the meteoric rise of renewable energy, to how power outages large and small are handled by utility companies, to the ways in which technology will define our future and the state of our environment, Behind The Switch aims to leave no stone unturned in a search for answers to sustainability’s most enduring questions. With topics like the psychology of cognitive bias or the life-cycle carbon emissions of the food on your fork, we believe our content provides something for everyone.

Behind the Switch is a joint venture between and Synapse Energy Economics. By harnessing the energy-industry expertise of Synapse and Climable’s commitment to effectively communicating climate and energy-related topics, we are positioned to bring you content that is both thorough and reliable, but also relatable and accessible. We believe that it’s absolutely critical to bring this information to a larger audience, and we thank you for being part of it. If you hear an episode that strikes a chord with you or focuses on a topic that’s important to you, please share it far and wide!

All episodes are available for free online at, and can also be found on your favorite podcast app. If you’re having any technical troubles listening to episodes, have topics you would like to hear covered, have any questions or comments, or would like to donate to future miniseries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at

Thanks so much for listening, and enjoy!