Soup Supper X

December 5th: We host our tenth bi-monthly soup supper!


Following the publication of the 2018 International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, we, in typical Climable fashion, decided to focus on the bright side of things, and host an outdoor concert that we call CLIMAPALOOZA: an IPCC Recovery Concert. Many local Cambridge/ Boston businesses gave donations to support the event, which we’re planning to make an annual occurrence!

RI Microgrid Workshop

Climable hosts a workshop open to the public in Providence, Rhode Island to explain the ins and outs of what a microgrid is.

Massachusetts Microgrid Funding

MassCEC named 14 microgrid projects that will receive grants of $75,000 each for microgrid feasibility studies. Climable is involved in 2 of these. As part of the Resilient Urban Neighborhood-Green Justice Coalition (RUN-GJC), Climable is working closely with local community members to bring climate change resilience to Chelsea and Chinatown in Boston.


Climable Launch Party and Benefit Concert

October 15th: Climable’s Launch Party and Benefit Concert was held to celebrate our new name, look, and 5 year anniversary! There was a great turnout as 4 bands entertained the crowd with original music. It was so great, we decided to make it an annual event. Keep your eyes peeled on our website for future ones- they’ll be posted on Facebook and our website Events Page.

News List

We created a mailing list to spread the good word about what projects Climable is working on and other important issues. The inaugural news went out on September 29th. Want in on this? Sign up at the bottom of the page!

The First Soup Supper

The first of our bi-monthly Soup Suppers, where people gather to discuss climate issues and solutions. If you’re in the Boston area or in town, you should definitely join us at our next tasty, lighthearted, and environmentally-focused event! We always post about them on Facebook and our website on the Events Page.

EESI Renamed Climable

Switcheroo: we become Climable! We changed our name from EESI to Climable because we want our name to show people that we are ABLE to take action in the face of CLIMate change. Thus, we are CLIM-ABLE! As part of the name-change, we created a new website and social media pages to reflect this new identity. You can find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow us to stay in the loop about our events, services, and accomplishments. You can also sign up to receive our bi-monthly news via the mailing list at the bottom of the page.

Farm School Project

EESI partnered with the Farm School to research viable renewable energy and energy efficient technologies unique to the farm’s needs. Currently, the project is exploring the use of solar panel canopies in the farm’s parking areas. By helping to bring a tangible renewable energy source to the farm we are educating the farmers about how green energy can help meet their needs in a sustainable way.


MassCEC Partnership

The MassCEC Internship Program helps provide Massachusetts clean energy businesses with young professionals by providing stipends for fall, spring, and summer session interns. Our first 2 MassCEC Interns, Sika & Nate, started in the fall of 2016!


EESI joined the Resilient Urban Neighborhoods - Green Justice Coalition (RUN-GJC) team to investigate microgrid installation in low income areas in the Boston area. The team brings together people with technical expertise and professionals in community-based organizations in an attempt to change the discussion on energy. The goal is for the target communities to own, or at least receive the lion’s share of the benefits that a microgrid can bring. Primarily, the microgrid offers resilience in a disaster; people can shelter in place with a reliable supply of electricity and cell phone service, which are common issues associated with catastrophes. In addition, they provide a greener source of energy, help create better air quality than traditional forms of energy, and can even help bring down the cost of utility bills through a process known as “peak-shaving.” Learn more about our microgrid projects here, or drop us an email at info@climable.org!

Behind the Switch Podcast

We launched our podcast, Behind the Switch, as a joint venture with Synapse Energy Economics. The podcast aims to address energy and environmental questions about where our energy comes from, how it works, and generally educate the audience in easy-to-digest discussions with energy professionals. It’s available to listen to on our website, SoundCloud, and iTunes.


Wallace Global Fund & TTIP

The Wallace Global Fund supported EESI’s work in preparing policy briefings on the TTIP ahead of the Paris Climate Talks.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund & TTIP

Rockefeller Brothers Fund (RBF) commissioned EESI to do an impact study on the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). The final result is in the form of formal comments by Frank Ackerman.

Brockton, MA Gas Plant Campaign

EESI worked with the Alternatives for Communities and Environment, Inc. to fight against a proposed gas plant in a low income neighborhood in Brockton, MA. EESI spearheaded a fundraising campaign to sponsor expert testimony against the plan. This was EESI’s first major campaign that worked to involve the public. In this case, not only was it making technical information about the effects of a gas plant near a neighborhood easy to understand, but it empowered the local community to do something about it.

Intake of E3 Network

The E3 Network approached EESI to assume responsibility of the group’s operations.

Blue Moon Fund & Post-Coal Kentucky

The Blue Moon Fund enlisted EESI to explore post-coal employment prospects in Kentucky. EESI tapped Synapse Energy Economics to publish the findings.


European Climate Foundation Rebuttal

EESI contracted with the European Climate Foundation to support Frank Ackerman's rebuttal of the controversial analysis made by Richard Tol on climate change.

Social Cost of Carbon

EESI submited official comments, prepared by Synapse Energy Economics, about the social cost of carbon to the federal Office of Management and Budget. The comments emphasize the need for a transparent SCC determination process, and conclude that the SCC value should be increased even more than proposed by OMB.


Litterman Grant

With help from a Litterman Family Foundation grant, EESI funded research for the early stages of environmental economist Dr. Frank Ackerman’s book, Worst-Case Economics: Extreme Events in Climate and Finance. The book was published in 2017!



Jean Ann Ramey, co-founder of Synapse Energy Economics, one of the premier energy and environmental consulting firms in the US, has the idea for an organization that works to make the technical information (that groups like Synapse produce) accessible to the greater population. The result is the birth of the Environment, Economics and Society Institute, aka EESI.US! The board, originally composed of 3 women, convened over the summer. EESI was incorporated in Massachusetts by September 2012.