resilient urban neighborhoods is currently collaborating with the Green Justice Coalition, Climate Action Business Association, Clean Energy Solutions, Inc. and other  clean energy advocates and local business owners to create a community energy system, also known as a microgrid, in selected neighborhoods in the Boston metro area and beyond. In researching the construction of local microgrids, hopes to promote environmental justice through an increase in energy efficiency and disaster resilience in low-income neighborhoods.

The design and implementation of the Resilient Urban Neighborhoods are included in’s larger goal of increasing clean energy generation and storage technologies in Massachusetts, creating new localized business opportunities, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions throughout the city and state. Driven by community involvement, investment, and local government support, these microgrid creations will have lasting positive effects on local residents and economies.

We had a great conversation in Rhode Island about our microgrid projects in Massachusetts and potentially creating them in Rhode Island! To learn more about microgrids check out this video and find more information on our website:

Behind the Switch Podcast

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In the fall of 2016 teamed up with Synapse Energy Economics Inc., to create the Behind the Switch Podcast. Behind the Switch provides clear answers to complex questions about energy and the environment. Targeted at a wide audience, each stand-alone miniseries consists of several episodes of 15 minutes or less. The first season asks the question: why are electricity prices so high in New England, or are they?

By harnessing the strengths of the podcast’s two sponsors – Synapse’s unique energy-industry expertise and’s excellence at communicating reliable, non-technical energy and climate information – Behind the Switch provides a unique perspective on the electric industry, approachable for every day electric consumers who may have never looked at their bill and industry-insiders alike.

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The Farm School

In 2017, partnered with The Farm School to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy at the school's farm located in central Massachusetts. The team worked with federal and state agencies along with the local utility to research viable technology options that met the unique needs of the Farm School’s campus. Through our research, was able to identify available funding sources for increased energy efficiency measures as well as renewable energy technologies such as solar-powered water pumps. The team looks forward to seeing this project through to its implementation phase, set to be completed in 2018.